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All Hail Hail! How to come back to the present moment.

March 26th, 2014 by pathtocontentment
Painting Albert Bierstadt

Amazing painting by Albert Bierstadt. Coming back to the present moment.

So, Saturday came along and with it came a big ol’ rumblin thunder storm. The kind that loom and bring dark bubbles of gloom.


The kind that make you want to rush inside and make the bestest hot chocolate and marshmallows.  (Man, I wish I could make a decent hot chocolate…send me your suggestions if you have a great recipe).


Why does cold weather always make you want hot chocolate???

Anyway… I have been reading (well devouring really) Eckhart Tolle’s,  ”A New Earth”  and it’s all about being smack bang, present. ‘Cos you see I had absolutely kinda forgotten how to do that. Well, really I have been so caught up in my own head I sometimes just enter this giant brain fart abyss!! Like – Hello, you have a teabag your hand, please insert that into cup and pour in hot water, not stand there like a stuffed turkey reading for a decent roasting.

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Nick’s Weight Loss Journey and the Lessons So Far.

March 21st, 2014 by pathtocontentment
Friday is all about being inspired by others. I snuffle through the internet and find people who have completed or are on the journey and we find out who they are, what keeps them motivated and what they can teach us.
This week, I have found Nick who details his journey and progress in The Chronicles of the Melting Man. Nick is well on his way. He has a Facebook page that really fuels him. He has a great blog here  and here he is on twitter. I would really encourage you to reach out to Nick and offer him some support of your own or share you story with everyone in the comments below.

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9 Simple Ways To Get Out Of Your Weight Loss Rut.

March 17th, 2014 by pathtocontentment
stuck in a rut

Stuck in a weight loss rut.

This was me two weeks ago, “I do not want to exercise. I will not do yoga. WHERE IS THE CHOCOLATE?” I was in a big, fat rut. Like a little  sulky moo, I was nestled into my place of slothdom, very comfortably. I did not want to come out any time soon. Weight loss- shmate loss.

Admittedly, it was all a bit putrid, and I was in the rut because it was the anniversary of my mum passing. I was not moving out of that abyss of slothdom any time soon.

So, I surrendered to it for a while and from an emotional perspective I processed what I needed to. There was chocolate involved, some  brain rotting chick lit and copious cups of tea, but then I reached a point when it was time to do a little hop out of my rut…ok I dragged myself out of my rut. Here’s how I did it and I have added a few more ideas.

If you are in a similar place to where I was and often get to, I hope this helps.

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5 Reasons Yoga is Utterly Fundamental for Weight Loss.

March 10th, 2014 by pathtocontentment

5 Reasons that Yoga Is Fundamental For Weight Loss

If you had asked me before I started practicing yoga about whether it was good for weight loss, I would have most likely replied, ” I doubt it.  I mean you are just standing around stretching aren’t you? How on earth could that help you lose weight?”

Fifteen years on I have come up with my top five reasons that yoga is not just fabulous, body changing, soul connecting and energising, but just so wonderful if you are undertaking a weight loss journey.

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The End of Week Interview with Melissa who lost 90 lbs.

March 7th, 2014 by pathtocontentment
I was meandering through Facebook when I came across an inspirational page by a woman who is documenting her personal weight loss journey on Facebook. Her name is Melissa and her page is well worth liking and following.  What I like about her is she is very real. It is not all lycra clad workouts and smiley faces, exercise regimes and calorie restricted meals. She talks about the days when its tough, when she just gives in to the double cheeseburger and people give her some fantastic support. Find out more about her in my interview below.




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Emily Sandford’s Weight Loss Story.

February 28th, 2014 by pathtocontentment

An Interview with Emily Sandford from Authentically Emmie.

Emily Sandford shares her weight loss journey and advice in the wonderful inspiring interview. Her blog authenticallyemmie is a must subscribe. She shares her own trials and tribulations and her fashion tips for looking great at any size. She has been featured in numerous magazines as well. Read on for honesty and inspiration.

What do you think caused you to gain the weight?

I’ve been worried about my weight since I was 5. When you’re that young and aware of your weight because your parents start trying to help you lose it, you quickly become hyperaware, which leads to low self-esteem. My parents were wonderful, but my mom had weight issues and I became her dieting sidekick. Years of disordered eating and lots of extreme diets led to swings on the other end of gaining the weight back, plus more. I was always active in sports and even taught aerobics as 240lb. teenager, but it was never enough to make me feel good about myself. When I developed binge eating disorder in my 20s, it got really bad. In the end though, I think it really came down to continually trying to “fix” myself. Nothing positive has ever come from self-loathing.

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Weight Loss Tips For Crazily, Hectic Days.

February 25th, 2014 by pathtocontentment

Weight Loss Tips for Those Crazily Busy Days

We all have them. Days when the eyes literally do whirly-gigs at the prospect of all that needs to get done before we have breakfast, let alone see the sun set.

It is often on these challenging days that old habits come to dance their merry jig on our best intentions. It’s quicker and easier to reach for a donut when we grab a latte in the morning than having our high protein, low carb healthy breakfast of wilted spinach and poached eggs. Lunch time is a sit down at the desk or eat on the run affair as we gobble down whatever take-out happens to be closest. It hits 3pm and before the eyelids start to slide down our eyes every five seconds, we reach for chocolate and a coffee to keep us awake. Dinner has to be something easy so we grab something already prepared in a box , that has more numbers than whole food ingredients that can go in the microwave. Then because its been such a crazy day we need to relax and snuggle that means comfort food and television.  Exercise Scmexercise! Who has time for that?

So here are some tips to help on those busier than the train station at peak hour days.

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10 Ways To Know It’s Not Just Food Making You Overweight.

February 20th, 2014 by pathtocontentment

10 Ways to Know if It’s Not Just Food Making You Overweight.

When I was a wee lass, I had what I am sure a whole pasta pot of young women have now, body dysmorphia.

I would shut my eyes in the shower so I wouldn’t have to see myself. I would cover the mirrors or avoid looking in them altogether.

I hated my body with a raw open, seeping sore passion.

I thought I was way too fat. I wasn’t. I was very skinny, but it didn’t matter what anyone said to me, I thoroughly believed I was disgusting.

A lot of work has since happened, and as we all know, I obviously still had a lot of issues and some new ones when I piled the weight on.

But, the fundamental issue wasn’t actually how many sugary jam donuts my tummy, disguised as my soul, wanted to consume. The issue was my own issues- one of which was self-worth.

The other day, I caught myself looking in the mirror and squeezing my tummy rolls in disgust. Later on I found myself staring at my gut in the bath ad berating myself with a venom only reserved by funnel web spiders. When I realised, I was horrified at how I was treating myself.

How did I get back here? How did my little girl, teenage self find voice again? Hadn’t I dealt with all this?

So, I went back again and started to feel all that pain and allow myself to confront once again my own issues of self worth.

So, I thought maybe some of you are like me and perhaps not even aware that you may have some issues not with food itself, but with how you soothe yourself and deal with your own issues.

We so often think it’s just a matter of eating too much.

Here are ten things to ask yourself to discover if it is simply a matter of portion size and food quality or something more.

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How Effective Is Weight Loss Surgery Really?

February 17th, 2014 by pathtocontentment

256px-Adjustable_gastric_bandingI was watching a documentary a while ago on the rising obesity epidemic in India amongst young people. The answer for them was gastric banding surgery. In fact heaps of commercial clinics have been established for this very purpose.

Every day, I also get an alert about what is happening in the weight loss community. There is always an article about weight loss surgery of some description in there as well.

I understand the rationale behind it. I do. My heart quivers in sadness that for many there seems like there simply is not alternative. I also understand that medically something must be done immediately for many or it could be potentially fatal and there really is no alternative.

The raw fact of the matter is,  as well that, weight loss surgery is  successful as well in the long term.

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Five Things You Should Know About “The Biggest Loser”.

February 13th, 2014 by pathtocontentment
the-biggest-loser icon

Five Things You Should Know About The Biggest Loser.

There have been fridges full of controversy of late about “The Biggest Loser”. In Australia, we have our own ever-evolving series and we also get to see the one from the States.

The latest big news concerns this series’ American winner Rachel Frederickson who lost 60% of her body weight or 155 pounds (70.6kgs). She was so thin upon winning the show that there are claims she was anorexic.

In an interview with People Magazine she claims she may have gone too far. But working out for six hours a day and only consuming a diet of 1600 calories per day diet will do that!

This then led to the once Australian host, Ajay Rochester, giving an interview on a local Sydney station yesterday about what she learnt on the Australian version of “The Biggest Loser”

Here are some things you should know:

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